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[Jun. 18th, 2007|12:45 pm]
Mad Ratz! atlanta infoshop


Participate in history! Play the game, change the world!

Georgia Tech's Emergent Game Group {EGG} and the Design Studio for
Social Intervention (DS4SI) are seeking volunteers to help facilitate
a new "big game" of social activism, ActionQuest:ATL (
www.ds4si.org/actionquest), to take place concurrently with the U.S.
Social Forum's Atlanta conference on June 27-July 1.

ActionQuest:ATL is a new kind of game that encourages activism through
play and interaction.

Players sign up for "quests" that entail taking real-world
activist-actions throughout the city, and submit evidence that an
action is complete. Quests' progress are updated on the ActionQuest
website. Examples of such quests are: tossing wildflower "seed bombs"
into empty lots; helping the Mad Housers do research on homelessness
in Atlanta; or identifying communities that have been "erased" by
developments and "saved" by activism. There are many quests
available, and anyone with a great idea for a quest can submit it for

ActionQuest: ATL will take place throughout the city of Atlanta and
will be run out of base camps in Little Five Points and at Renaissance

We are looking for Game Masters (GMs) to help run this game from June
28-July 1.
Anyone with an interest in activism, games, or both are encouraged to apply.

As a GM, you will be asked to:
1) commit to at least one 4-hour shift between 12 noon and 8pm on or
within the above dates
2) participate in a two-hour training sessions with game staff on the
weekend of June 23-24.

You will also be invited to participate in a quest-creation party the
weekend prior to the event.

GM responsibilities include:
* assisting in player registration on-site
* overseeing quest sign-ups
* aiding people in creating new quests
* helping run, facilitate and manage the game
* dealing with any new challenges that occur during the course of the game.

To apply, e-mail the following info to Celia Pearce at
celia.pearce@lcc.gatech.edu by June 20, 2007.
ActionQuest:ATL Volunteer Info Sheet

cel phone #:
If student, specify school:

Please describe or list your background in the following areas:

* Public events that you have been involved in organizing or running
(including campus events)

* Interest in social activism, if any.

* Interest in games, if any.

*Please indicate your availability on the following dates

Training (Required, choose one time only)
____Saturday, June 23, 10am-12pm
____Saturday, June 23, 1pm – 3pm
____Sunday, June 24, 1pm-3pm

Quest Authoring Party (Optional, Fri, June 22, 7-10pm)
-There will be a quest authoring party / game test-run Friday, June
22nd. Pizza and drinks will be served. All volunteers are encouraged
(but not required) to participate in this.

____ Please write "yes" here if you plan to attend the Quest Authoring Party.

USSF March (Optional, Wed, June 27, evening)
-The members of the United States Social Forum will march through
Atlanta, promoting their cause and garnering recognition. Most likely
will be televised. This is optional, but help is needed in
circulating fliers and "evangelizing" the game to gain new players.

____Please write "yes" here if you plan to attend the USSF March.

Gaming Shifts - please mark which shift(s) you'd like to participate in.

____Thu, June 28: noon-4pm
____Thu, June 28: 4pm-8pm

____Fri, June 29: noon-4pm
____Fri, June 29: 4pm-8pm

____Sat, June 30: noon-4pm
____Sat, June 30: 4pm-8pm

____Sun, July 1, noon-4pm
____Sun, July 1, 4pm-8pm
As always, feel free to ask us any questions you might have.

Thanks for your time and we look forward to seeing you "in the game!"